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R. Kinney Williams & Associates and Cutting Edge Solutions have teamed up to provide affordable intrusion - vulnerability testing services for your financial institution. 

Cutting Edge Solutions through their professional technicians will conduct your intrusion-vulnerability tests, which conforms to the regulator's recommendations for Internet and network security.  R. Kinney Williams & Associates reviews the test results and issues an executive management letter to your Directors that explains the results of the test.

Vulnerability Test

In conducting the Intrusion - Vulnerability test, we employ Cisco Systems software.  The Cisco vulnerability test objectives along with the security as an operational process provides your financial institution an additional auditing tool of the information system operations. 

When you are ready to have an affordable Intrusion - Vulnerability test of the Internet connection to your network system, please complete the Intrusion - Vulnerability Test Proposal Request Form.  The test will take about two weeks from the time we received your authorization to the executive management letter.  

Need more information?  E-mail Kinney Williams at Examiner@Yennik.com or call Office 806-798-7119.

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